TEER2 Windsor Precinct Mound

Kanamaluka / Tamar Estuary






17 March 2022


23 February 2023
5 March 2023
9 June 2023
10 July 2023
7 August 2023
16 August 2023
16 August 2023
25 August 2023
2 September 2023
26 September 2023
14 October 2023
9 November 2023

TEER2 Windsor Precinct Mound

This Fluker Post is positioned on a raised landscaped area at Windsor Precinct, within the West Tamar Council Local Government Area. The post faces north-west towards Tamar Island. The vegetation community in the middle distance is classified as Fresh Water Aquatic Sedgeland and Rushland, which is dominated by the tall Common Reed, Phragmites australis. Shorter sedges and rushes which inhabit the intertidal zone and can tolerate inundation can be seen in the background. The purpose of this Fluker Post is to monitor changes to vegetation structure resulting from water quality, pollutants, and climatic influence on sea level rise. For more information on the natural values and ecological health of the kanamaluka / Tamar estuary, visit https://www.teer.org.au/.

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