The Fluker
Post Project

Fluker Posts are physical wooden posts that act as photo points installed at strategic locations in the environment. No camera is left on a Fluker Post. Instead, people walking past use the Fluker Post app on their own phone to take a photo of the given scene. This simple system of repeat photography provides a valuable long term natural resource management tool.

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How it Works

A Fluker Post is installed at a chosen location.

Working with the local natural resource managers, sites are chosen where there is an interest in understanding long-term change to the environment. A physical wooden post is then installed by the local land manager, then the Fluker Post signage is attached.

Members of the community take photographs of the location.

Members of the public come across a Fluker Post. The sign on the post explains the project and asks them to download the app in order to take a photo of the scene which is then automatically uploaded into the collection.

Monitor the environmental changes over time.

These chronologically arranged and publicly accessible collections allow for the visual environmental changes taking place to be recorded. This is particularly valuable when works such as revegetation are to be done or impacts from bush fires or storms have occurred.

Get Your Own Fluker Posts

Community inclusion.

Fluker Posts allow members of the public to better understand the importance of land management projects and feel a sense of involvement.

You install blank Fluker Posts at your own locations.

Choose the location that would be best suited to have a Fluker Post, then install a physical wooden post. You can then purchase the Fluker Post signage from us to attach to the post.

We'll add your posts to the database.

Snap a reference photo for each post then send that through to us with the location. For a one off fee we'll add your posts to our system so users can begin uploading photos.

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Welcome to the Fluker Post Project and many thanks to you if you are one of the over 2,500 people who have already voluntarily taken photos from Fluker Posts and sent them in. Your efforts are helping to manage, maintain and protect these precious environments. Since I first started this as a research project back in 2009, and then continued it as a hobby, I had always seen its potential to expand and help look after many more environments. However, I can’t do this expansion and so have handed the Fluker Post reigns over to the extremely competent company named We Make Apps. Long may we monitor.

Martin Fluker