PAN4 Old Pambula Racecourse Saltmarsh







26 August 2021

PAN4 Old Pambula Racecourse Saltmarsh

Coastal saltmarsh is a threatened ecological community. It dominates the upper intertidal zone, as few other plant species can survive the harsh salty conditions found here. This is the area above most regular high tide marks, but which is intermittently inundated by medium to large, and 'king' tides. Saltmarsh acts like a natural filter, slowing down and trapping sediments and nutrients from entering the water column. Saltmarsh is fragile, and easily damaged. It supports a range of birdlife including migratory species such as the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper. Saltmarsh plant communities are important for many fish and invertebrate species, as nursery habitats and as feeding grounds.

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